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Dog Training Enrolments

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Dog Training EnrolmentsDog Training Assessment Fee

All new Yorkshire Canine Academy customers must book an enrolment prior to any future training. During your dogs enrolment, you and the dog trainer will look into all aspects of your dogs daily routine and care at home. This will take 30 minutes and will Dog Training Assessment Feebe done through a short questionnaire which will also look at the level of exercise and mental stimulation your dog currently receives.

Your dogs diet will also be discussed, as the diet can have a profound effect on behaviour. We will ask you what obedience commands your dog already understands, if any, and identify what areas need to be improved upon. A training plan will then be tailored to suit you and your dogs needs.

We will discuss issues you may have with your dogs obedience and behavior, and what you hope to achieve from training. There is also an option to extend your dog training enrolment session to one hour, where we will also show you a range of techniques to get you and your dog started on the right track with their training! Common behavior problems such as mouthing and jumping up will be discussed, with an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have on your dogs behavior. The assessment will include a starter lesson to give you an idea of the training techniques before your first class or one to one dog training session. This will be tailored to your individual needs, covering any particular dog training commands you wish, and will give you the opportunity to start practicing!