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We're offering a HUGE discount on dog training enrolments booked for Monday 22nd January to Sunday 28th January 2018. To inquire about this offer please call our trainers, Gemma and Cat on (01482) 633574 option 3.


Special Offer Price

30 minute Enrolment just £7.50 (A saving of £17.50!)

1 hour Enrolment just £27.50 (A saving of £12.50!)


Enrolments are to allow the trainer to gather as much background information on your dogs  obedience level and if any;behavioural issues you may be having via a short questionnaire.  Enrolments are done on a one to one basis which gives you, the customer chance to ask any questions you may have.  A future training plan will also be discussed and arrangements made.

If you opt for a 1 hour enrolment they will be time to start the training giving you something to go home and practice before your next appointment.


Terms and conditions apply please find these in our Dog Training Policy