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Hounds help hearts, happiness and health

Dogs have been proven to help improve physical, psychological and social well-being in people with physical and mental health problems, for instance autism, and coronary patients.  Experts at Harefield Hospital have developed a programme called Hounds Help Hearts, which involves post coronary patients walking dogs as part of their recovery.

In other news, a survey carried out by the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (2011) found that 60% of pet owners said their animal made them a happier and more relaxed person!  The survey consisted of 2000 people, both pet owners and non pet owners, and also identified that 1/3 of owners were healthier too.  81% of people agreed that pets are an antidote to a bad mood, and would also turn to their pets for a remedy rather than their partners or chocolate!

Top 12 health benefits of owning a dog;

  1. Keeping fit through physical exercise
  2. Reduces depression and increases mental well-being
  3. Lowers blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels
  4. Provides safety and companionship for elderly people
  5. Dogs give emotional support during periods of anxiety
  6. Dog owners make fewer visits to the GP in their lifetime
  7. Develops confidence, speech, and creates independence in children with disabilities
  8. Promotes education and learning in children
  9. Children that grow up with dogs are healthier and spend more time at school
  10. Owning a dog helps reduce the risk of allergies e.g asthma.
  11. Dog ownership aids the recovery of post coronary patients
  12. Dogs have an unconditional love for us, and pass no judgement or criticisms


Authors – Katie Walker BSc (hons) and Emily Lunn BSc (hons), located at Home from Home Dog Training Centre, Swanland, Hull.

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