Top Dog Training Tips


Basic dog training tips your dog will respond to.

Training your dog is important in order to develop a mutual bond, in terms of trust and respect.  A well trained dog is a pleasure to own and improves the quality of your own and your dog’s life.

In order for dogs to be a positive part of our lives, they must understand boundaries, and learn to respond to our commands.  A relationship based on cooperation and trust promotes affection, encourages play, and gives you the control you need to deal with your dog in any situation that arises.

The following are Katie and Emily’s top 10 training tips when working with your dog;

1. Be consistant as to prevent confusion e.g. don’t let your dog on the sofa one day and tell him off for it the next day.

2. Be patient during training and don’t get frustrated.

3. Tell your dog when they get it right so that they repeat the behaviour - Reinforce positive behaviour with a treat, toy, praise or affection.

4. Keep your dog busy with games and tricks to prevent boredom.

5. Teach your dog basic obedience such as sit, stay and recall to prevent bad behaviour happening in the first place.

6. Keep your dogs mind stimulated through training, games and by regularly changing toys.

7. Never physically punish your dog. It is more rewarding to train your dog through trust not fear.

8. Your timing is very important so that you reward the exact behaviour you like.

9. Regular exercise is necessary to stimulate your dog physically and keep it healthy.

10. Work with your dog’s natural drives and instincts

Remember, patience, consistancy, timing, reward and motivation are they key to a well trained dog!

Written by Katie Walker BSc (hons) and Emily Lunn BSc (hons) Home from Home Pet Care, Swanland

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