Charity Partners

We’re proud to support our following chosen charity partners. They work tirelessly for people and animals in our local community.

Hull Homeless Community Project

HHCP Hull Homeless Community Project Registered charity number 1166893

About HHCP

Anyone can become homeless, it damages individuals, affects families and communities, we believe in most cases homelessness can be prevented.

We believe that with the right approach, funding, government support and community education that homelessness can end.

We believe that prevention is the answer, sustainable housing stock, social property investment and a housing first approach will break homelessness.

Homelessness is a diverse social issue, with multiple factors contributing to who may be at risk and indeed the support available to them. As our world changes around us we must be equipped to face the challenges to our communities and ensure we are best prepared to offer the most appropriate support. We believe we can do this.

The Hull Homeless Community Project work with some of the most disadvantaged people in our community including homeless people, older people, unemployed people, those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, children, families, prison leavers, vulnerable women, care leavers, as well as victims of Modern slavery, sexual exploitation and abuse.

HHCP was founded by Andrew Smith


How we help

Since 2016 we’ve helped support Hull Homeless Community Project with fundraising, donations and raising awareness. We also set up an initiative to offer short-term care for the homeless community who have dogs, enabling them to seek medical treatment, important meetings or interviews or just a bed for a night or two.  We believe the same help and assistance we all strive to give rescue dogs should be offered to those in our homeless community.  If we all support a person to get back on their feet and they have a dog which relies on them, all the better.

In 2018 James and Lindsay May we’re honoured with the role of trustee’s.


How you can help

Hull Homeless Community Project need volunteers to help reach more people in need of help in our local community.  They also rely on donations to continue their important work supporting the homeless community and beyond.  If you can donate either your time or a small financial contribution please follow the links below:

More information about how you can help HHCP >

You can also donate by visiting HHCP’s Just Giving page >




Hessle Dog Rescue

“Help us to help them”
Registered Charity Number: 1047185

About Hessle Dog Rescue

Hessle Dog Rescue Services was established in May 1988 by 4 founding members. Those members were Howard & Jill Williams and Sam & Sheila Morris. It is now run by an executive committee of 8 trustees. Hessle Dog Rescue Service currently has over 150 members throughout the UK.

HDRS was started to cover Hull and the surrounding area but have actually re-homed as far south as Bedfordshire. We originally began as a puppy rescue but soon realised that we would have to branch out and bring in the older dogs that also needed our help. In our 31 years of being a dog rescue, the amount of puppies and dogs that have come into our care now runs into the thousands.

At HDRS, we make sure every penny possible can go to caring for our dogs; whether it be for vet bills, food, toys, or bedding. That’s why not a single person who works at HDRS gets paid; from our Chairperson, right down to the volunteers who help out with the daily running of our shop.

The HDRS Constitution:
1. To uphold the reputation and goodwill of the Hessle Dog Rescue Service.
2. To organise and support any fundraising event in the name of Hessle Dog Rescue Service.
3. To continue to ease the pain and suffering of any animal we may come in contact with.
4. To help promote awareness of animal protection and care.


How we help

Since 2007 we have supported Hessle Dog Rescue as a charity partner by providing short-term care to their dogs. This is due to a shortage of local foster homes. We provide care at vastly reduced fees and assist with obedience and behavioural training to help dogs overcome behavioural problems.  In fact, behavioural problems are the biggest problem in a smooth transition to a new home and a new family. We also provide reduced fees on pet supplies and work hard to find new family’s and homes for their dogs.

In our help for Hessle Dog Rescue, we have assisted in the successful rehoming of many dogs, finding a family and home for life.


How you can help

Hessle Dog Rescue rely on your generosity to enable them to continue their important work in our local community. If you can help, please call 01482 211670. They also rely largely on the wonderful foster homes. If you can provide a foster home, please call Valeri on 07452 962938.

More information about how you can help Hessle Dog Rescue >



Pet Respect

“Treat others as you want to be treated”
Registered Charity Number: 1136215

About Pet Respect

Pet Respect is an animal education charity operating in the Hull and East Riding area. Run entirely by volunteers, their main priority is to engage children and adults who can benefit from the unique emotional therapy dogs can provide.

By using innovative ideas, they promote responsible pet ownership and anti-animal cruelty in schools, addressing issues of bullying and promoting The Golden Rule in life:
Treat others as you would like be treated yourself

Pet Respect was established by Kim Hepple and Marina Hartley.


How we help

Since 2009 we have supported Pet Respect as a charity partner. We’ve been the main sponsor of their yearly event ‘Pets in the Park’, held at West Park in Hull. We are also proud sponsors of Buddy, one of Pet Respects growing team of Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) dogs.  Pet Respects handlers and dogs do fantastic work in the local community. From educating school children on responsible pet ownership and our ever evolving human / canine relationships. To providing therapy to residents in nursing homes.


How you can help

Pet Respect rely entirely on your generosity to enable them to continue their important work in our local community. If you can please donate by clicking the links below.

More information about how you can help Pet Respect >

You can also help by visiting Pet Respect’s Just Giving page >