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Dog training times and dates to suit you, seven days a week all the year round. Our flexible training services are always available by our friendly, experienced dog trainers.

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We ensure we have as much availability through the week, and on the weekend, for you to get started with your dog. Our aim is to ensure we have the best time for you for you to attend any of our courses over the period they run. 


Weekends and Evenings


Weekends are very popular for our dog training and dog agility classes. We are continually developing new classes and times which we can tailor around the majority of those wanting a certain time in the week. We do have a limited number of evening sessions, and if evenings are more preferable to you, please get in touch. 

We’re always available should you need us following enrolment of your dog at our dog training school. Our relationship with our dogs is always evolving through their lifetimes. When you need us, we are here to help with whatever life throws your dogs way.

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An amazing place that does so much for so little,our big rescue dog loves going to agility and obedience classes.I cannot recommend this place enough!!Scott LomaxDog Training

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